About us

The Story of Celsius (°C): A Facile Solution for E-Commerce Footwear

We, at Celsius (°C) have been selling E-Commerce men's & women's wear, footwear & accesories for the style conscious people around Asia Pacific.

We started this journey with a team of three with a motive to give people effortless access to try out different varieties of footwear with a number of styles, as of now we are focusing mainly on Asia Pacific and are looking forward to expand further around the globe.

Finding the right men's & women's wear, footwear & accesories  for any occasion in many ways is an exercise of willpower, may it be for a Birthday Bash, Athletics, Charity Gala, Beach Party or even a Cocktail Party and so on! It is a tough call we all have to go through to be able to keep up with the current fashion trend.

That is why here at Celsius (C°) we help you make the right choice by providing easier methods on finding the right footwear in accords to the current trend. Just For You!

We have set up a number of SAFE online purchasing services for your need e.g. , MOL Online and PayPal, We have also advised quality assurance check-ups to be done by the merchants before sending it out to your doorstep


Expand and give easy men's & women's wear, footwear & accesories solutions to people around the globe.
When people think of men's & women's wear, footwear & accesories  they say

Our Core Values:

  •       Honesty
  •       Efficient
  •       Walking extra mile for customer satisfaction